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small giftcards + tags + place cards

The dancing rabbit press small giftcard enclosures and gift tags present the perfect finishing touches for your gift giving.


Inspired by small envelopes, and the quiet pleasures of life in beautiful, rural Central Hampstead, they feature original illustration and photography.


The 3-Squared giftcard measures 3" square, and fits perfectly into an accompanying 3.25" square envelope. 


The Small Change giftcard measures 4.5" x 3.85" and fits perfectly into its accompanying 2.5" x 4.25" envelope.

The Small Change Junior giftcard measures 2" x 3.25" and fits perfectly into its accompanying 2.25" x3.5" envelope.


All giftcards and deluxe tags are blank inside.

Bundles of 6 - 12 giftcards are wrapped with a pretty paper belly band — deluxe tags come in a kraft brown envelope — plastic-free!


Tags come in deluxe and classic styles. Deluxe tags are blank inside, and classic tags are blank on the back.


Place cards measure 4.5" x 3.85" and come in 8 different designs. The interior messages can be customized for your very own special dinners and events.

The exquisite pottery gracing the place card display is made by David Eastwood of Clay Design Inc Pottery.

Our design options are available for your viewing pleasure and consideration in the gallery below.


3-Squared giftcard enclosures

$25.00 qty 6 

HST and shipping extra

minimum order quantity 6 cards

(all the same, or mix 'n match)

Small Change giftcard enclosures

$20.00 qty 6   

HST and shipping extra

minimum order quantity 6 cards

(all the same, or mix 'n match)


Deluxe Tags

$20.00 package of 10

HST and shipping extra


Classic Tags

$10.00 package of 12

HST and shipping extra

Place Cards

$30.00 package of 12

$250 box of 100

HST and shipping extra

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