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Sean Dunbar  |  Picaroons


Picaroons Traditional Ales have been poured into Clay Design mugs since 1996.
David Eastwood gives us a high quality, unique vessel that works very well with
our beer. We love them. Our customers love them. Everybody happy.  


Marisa Bryanton  |  Port Saint John


I have received my first order of custom made coffee mugs by Clay Design and couldn’t be more pleased. The colors  and details are incomparable and the customer service is fantastic. They were such a huge hit, I already have a second order placed and can’t wait to see the finished product yet again! I would recommend these items for corporate or personal use. 


Nicole McCarty  |  Fredericton Craft Beer Festival


I think we could have sold hundreds of them ...
everyone wanted one! We will definitely want
to have more for next year.


UNB  |  Department of Psychology


We have been delighted with our custom mugs produced by Clay Design — in fact, we are so delighted that we recently placed our second order. Jaye and David have designed and created a fine quality mug that is original in design and colour. We give the mugs to visiting speakers, workshop leaders, visiting lecturers in our classes, and each of our graduating Ph.D. students. We are pleased to be able to purchase a New Brunswick-made product and know that it will serve as a reminder of New Brunswick and of our Department to people living across Canada and the United States.


Tandi Hooper-Clark  |  New Brunswick Museum Gift Shop


Clay Design has been supplying the New Brunswick Museum Gift Shop with its NBM logo coffee mugs and whale fluke steins for the past 10 years. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product and the reaction from our customers.
A great product I would highly recommend!


Tina LeJeune  |  Isaac's Way Restaurant


Our customers at Isaac's Way greatly enjoy the David Eastwood coffee mugs we use; the speckled finish, solid handles, clay feel, and historic shape of these mugs reminds them of days long ago, suitable for our 160 year old brick building. We often see customers looking at the stamped logo on the bottom, and asking where they can purchase a few to take home! 


Jordan Cheney  |  Crabbe Mountain Ski Resort


We, as well as our Mug and Goblet Club members at the mountain, are really stoked on this year's mugs. This club has featured various local potters over the past 6 or 7 years. This was our first year showcasing the work of Clay Designs and already it is among our favourites! We couldn't have asked
for a better product to showcase our excitement with this new chapter in the story of Crabbe Mountain and our drive to be "East of Ordinary!"

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