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Clay Design specializes in hand made ceramic corporate and commemorative gift ware; 

each piece thrown on a wheel by master potter David Eastwood.

Our corporate logo ware, especially our coffee and beer mugs, featuring your company’s logo is truly unique.
Our special label making process allows us to reproduce your artwork in exceptional detail, in quantities from
one to a thousand.
 Your company logo (vector is preferred) is reproduced on a clay sprig,
then carefully applied to the still damp pottery, by hand, one at a time.

Unlike machine-made, mass produced corporate gift ware which tends to look the same, lacking in character
and individuality, Clay Design corporate gift ware will help your company to stand out from the rest,
presenting a message of stability and quality.

The result is a mug that your clients will thank you for, use every day, and cherish.
And isn’t that the best response to a gift?

Our commemorative pottery includes cremation funeral urns, and pet urns, plates and bowls, plaques,
napkin rings and more. In addition to the samples presented in our galleries, we are always open to new ideas
and special requests and would be pleased to consult with you.

Using a combination of throwing and hand building, painting and decorating, along with both

wood fired or electric kiln fired finished pieces, the possibilities are endless!

Click on the appropriate image below for sample images, details and pricing.

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